K-12 School Reopening Trends

November 23, 2020

Dennis Roche

Where We Are Now

Burbio School Opening Tracker- Map

  • %US K-12 Students Attending 'Virtual only" schools = 43.5% (up from 36.9% last week)
  • %US K-12 Students Attending 'Traditional In-person/Every day" schools = 35.4%
  • %US K-12 Students Attending "Hybrid" Schools = 21.1%

Note: The above percentages are set to Monday, November 23rd.. We have always set our numbers to the day of our reports due to changes that occur the day before announced plans. Some of the Covid-closures will hit the above figures in later reports as the closures don't begin until later this month. More below.

Trends and Observations

Our audit team spotted some additional announcements that could portend trends:

  • Dayton public schools are closing entirely - no virtual learning - from Thanksgiving through January, but extending the school year deeper into June, presumably a period it will be easier to have in-person learning.
  • San Bernadino, CA schools, California's 8th largest district, voted to go virtual for the entire school year. This is the first district we have seen make this move.
  • In Ohio a group of nine school districts are participating in a close-contacts Covid test - according to the description: "The study will be evaluating close contacts of positive cases in a school setting to determine whether or not students should in fact be required to quarantine for 14 days as is currently the practice." For those not familiar, here is an example of CDC guidance for quarantining posted on a local district site.

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