K-12 School Reopening Trends

December 21, 2020

Dennis Roche

Where We Are Now

Burbio School Opening Tracker- Map

  • % US K-12 students attending "virtual-only" schools = 50.8% (from 48.3% last week)
  • % US K-12 students attending "traditional" In-person/every day" schools = 32.8%
  • % US K-12 students attending "hybrid" schools = 16.4%

The above percentages are set to Sunday December 20th. We set our numbers to the day of our reports due to changes that occur the day before announced plans. Our data is presented as "students attending schools that offer this learning plan" - most districts also offer virtual even when providing in person. For above, 50.8% of US K-12 students are currently attending schools that offer virtual-only plans, 32.8% offering traditional, etc.

Trends and Observations

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