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Burbio ESSER III Spending Tracker

In the Spring 2021 the Federal government authorized $122 billion in spending termed "ESSER III '' for "Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief,'' allocated on the basis of Title I. Ninety percent of the spending goes directly to local districts ("LEAs") who are subject to disclosure requirements and some required allocations for a portion of the spending.   The spending is an important roadmap for K-12 suppliers and education policy.

Burbio has currently tabulated by category over $79 billion in planned spending for 4400+ districts covering 70% of US K-12 public school enrollment. The effort is ongoing and more districts will be added as their ESSER III district plans are submitted. Our detailed dataset breaks spending levels down to over 75 sub-categories within the five primary categories below (click to see list of subcategories). For a detailed look at Burbio's data, including continual updates as new information becomes available, please email

Academic Intervention Subcategories

Below are examples of ten key categories of spending broken down by the percentage of districts currently spending in a given category, and the average spend-by-district for those categories

K-12 Enrollment Trends