Be an Expert about Community Life in the Areas You Serve

Burbio is the premier website and app for communities. Burbio streams all local school, library, nonprofit and community calendars. Residents follow calendars to create a their event feed and sync to their personal calendars.

Burbio allows you to promote your brand next to the most important and exciting events going on in your community, share and highlight local content on social media, and serve as the expert on all things going on in your town!

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Sponsor Your Communities

Burbio works one-on-one with all clients to customize a campaign that is just right for you and your business.

Sponsor Website Calendars

Sponsor iPhone & Android Apps

Sponsor Personalized Emails

Additional Highlights of Sponsorship

Social Sharing Tools & On-boarding

Burbio provides great local event content to share across social media platforms

One-on-One orientation & tutorial of social sharing dashboard included

Custom In-House Artwork

Burbio designers will create custom artwork for your business based on your input

3 ad sizes created for optimal visual appeal across platform

Other Sponsorship Features

  • Low-cost/High-exposure
  • Hyperlocal Targeting
  • In-house Customer Support
  • Custom Property Ads for Listing Agents*

*For Real Estate Industry

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