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Jan 11, 2021 - “We expect the percentage of students attending virtual-only schools to drop over the course of the next six weeks as districts who did have students in the classroom in the Fall return after Covid-19 induced breaks,” said Burbio co-founder Julie Roche. “But the myriad of regulatory and labor obstacles to in-person learning in places that have never gotten started, the significant level of hybrid instruction across the US, and the unpredictable course of Covid-19 means the balance of the 2021 academic year will continue to be highly disrupted for the vast majority of K-12 public school students.”

K-12 School Reopening Trends - January 11, 2021

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Burbio featured on Education Week as the shift to remote learning accelerates

Jan 14 2021 - "...schools that offer only one mode of instruction: virtual learning. That figure was 37.2 percent on Nov. 2. It rose as high as 55 percent on Jan. 10, but that was driven mostly by a brief period in which some schools chose to be remote-only after the holidays, said Dennis Roche, who oversees the project, which follows 1,200 districts."

Burbio featured in The Baltimore Sun about Maryland schools remaining in virtual learning.

Jan 4, 2021 - "...Maryland and the District of Columbia, as well as the Western states of California, Oregon and Washington have mostly remained closed, while Sunbelt states have reopened."

Burbio featured on Politico as School Districts Decide Future Plans

Dec 9, 2020 - As of Sunday, just over half of K-12 students in the nation attended schools that offer virtual-only plans, 32.5 percent attended “traditional” in-person schools and nearly 17 percent attended hybrid schools, according to Burbio,...

Burbio featured in USA Today Story on Covid Related School Closures

Nov 20, 2020 - ... Already, just over 40% of schoolchildren are attending only virtual classes, a figure that's risen from 36.9% Sunday, according to Burbio, a company that aggregates school calendars. 

Burbio featured in USA Today Overview of State of K-12 Education in response to COVID Disruptions

Nov 01, 2020 - Burbio is excited to be a part of this terrific overview on the state of K-12 education and learning across the US.

Burbio Data Underlies CBS Question to Dr. Fauci

Oct 14, 2020 - CBS News contacted Burbio for the latest data on number of students attending schools with in-person learning and posed a question to Dr. Fauci. Watch Video

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